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How to Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Are you practicing preventive care for your health? Are you getting routine Chiropractic care and taking other daily measures to improve optimal health? Prevention is a good way to fight disease while helping you live a long, healthy life. At Murphy Chiropractic Health Center, we can make sure you stay on track with preventative care.

Some medicines, such as steroids, pain medications, and some drugs for depression and other psychiatric disorders, may lead to weight gain. Ask your health care provider or pharmacist about the side effects of any medicines you are taking. Our clinic has been able to work with many local medical professionals to encourage patients to significantly reduce or completely eliminate the need for pharmaceuticals. By using a whole foods approach we have been able to get our patients out of pain, back on their feet, and back to leading productive lives.

Added sugars, solid fats, and refined grains pack a lot of calories into food but do not add nutrients. Eat less of these foods – sugar sweetened drinks and desserts; foods with butter, shortening, or other fats that are solid at room temperature; white bread, rice, and pasta that are made from refined grains. Have low-fat, low-sugar snacks on hand. Whether you are at home, at work, or on the go, healthy snacks may help to combat hunger and prevent overeating.

Eat more of these nutrient rich foods: all fruits and vegetables; Whole grains, like oatmeal, whole-wheat bread, and brown rice; Seafood, lean meats, poultry, and eggs; Fat-free or low-fat milk and cheese, or substitutes (like soy or rice milk) that are high in vitamin D and calcium; Beans, nuts, and seeds. Some foods have many calories but few of the vitamins, minerals, or fiber your body needs.

A brisk walk every day is one of the best exercises to maintain joint health and enhance your cardiovascular system. On a personal note, it’s best to do this as soon as you wake up and before you get ready for the day. My experience has taught me that exercising at the start of your day ensures it gets done!

Another way to help insure a more active and healthy lifestyle is to incorporate routine Chiropractic care into your life. When you do this, you will improve nerve function and maintain proper joint motion. Call our office today to schedule a thorough examination.


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